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Merging Spirit Inc. is a Private Spiritual Practice whose offerings are spiritually grounded therapies for the Soul for and personal transformation. The therapies offered at Merging Spirit combine talk therapy, energy work and guided meditation in a unique holistic process, known as “therapy in fast forward,” which allows you to know yourself more than just knowing your body, or your thoughts and feelings.

My ideal client would be a person seeking to improve his/her life; a person wishing to relieve stress, find healing, uncover, and address the causes of health challenges, habits, or patterns in one’s life. Powerful healing sessions to clear your aura, balance your chakras, relieve stress, and transform your life! Providing wellness and therapy services to help you feel your best and live a more fulfilling life. Tired of not feeling well? It’s time to no longer put a band aid on what needs healing.

RevSharon Shaw-Mhd/Rohun Therapist

Spiritual Teaching & Counseling

Worhsops, Seminars & Retreats

RoHun Therapy Session

Our Services

Reading Services

RevSharon will give you a reading that responds directly to your individual wants and needs.

Classes and Workshops

Workshops with RevSharon help you understand and open to the higher frequencies of the cosmos and your being.


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Brazilian Light Energization

A spiritual awakening experience designed to increase one's intuition and sensitivities to subtle energies.

Entura Art Soul Portrait

Entura Art is a method of intuitively expressing the energy of a person, place, concept through art.

RoHun™ Therapy


What our client’s say about RevSharon

Rev. Sharon was amazing in her guidance to me during a difficult time period as a Spiritual Life Coach. It was critical in helping me move forward.

Aaron Howell

There is a variety of saving plnans which can be tailored to your needs, including Tzx Exempt Saving Regular Saving variety plnan.

Athen Adams

I would highly recommend that you connect with Rev Sharon if you are serious about understanding the spirituality of a fulfilling life.

Greg Tharpe

Latest News

12.12.21 First post by RevSharon Shaw-MhD. Doctor of Metaphysical Healing

This is my first post in a long while and I find it a bit auspicious that I feel like I was directed here. New pillars that we have been building in the last almost 2yrs. How are you doing in reconciling the great awakening. Its feels so unfamiliar, challenging and most of all liberating.

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WHAT IS ROHUN CARD PROCESS: RoHun is a process of clearing, healing and enlightenment. It is a method for self development and spiritual evolution. RoHun works by releasing the blocked negative energies that are trapped on five levels in the body, in memories of past experiences, in current behaviors, in our thoughts and views about

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I choose to create my universe filled with and surrounded by joy and harmony. I will maintain a positive attitude and let no-one or nothing discourage me. RevSharonShaw-MhD. Rohun Therapist Merging Spirit Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, a time of transition when the soul lets go of the old and plants symbolic

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